Important note: The healthcare example BowTies are meant as a source of inspiration, which, for instance, can be further tailored to your organization’s situation. For example by using a scaffold BowTie and inserting your organisation’s own barriers, or by adding threats and consequences, or formulating the elements differently to make it fit for your purpose etc. Click here for more background information about the origin of the healthcare example BowTies.


Open the BowTies as .btf and/or .pdf

It is possible to save all the BowTies in the BowTieXP software format (.btf), so you are able to adjust the BowTies to become a reflection of your organization’s own situation (in case you have BowTieXP on your pc). Click to download the BowTies as a BowTieXP file in the ‘Scaffold’ and ‘Complete’ version of the BowTies.

Click to download the PDF file of the BowTies in the 'Scaffold', 'Without Escalation Factors' or 'Complete' version.

Scaffold: This version of the BowTies only contains a hazard, top event, threats and consequences. These ‘Scaffold BowTies do not contain any Barriers or Escalation factors. Healthcare organizations can use these Scaffold BowTies as a starting point for their own proactive risk assessment.

Complete: This version of the BowTies contains all elements of the BowTie diagram and is based on the codes of practice. At some places there are additions which are not mentioned in the codes of practice but do have a logical place in the diagram. Many other adjustments or additions are of course possible, depending on the organization or department.


Viewing the BowTies with the WebViewer

With webviewer below you can use the BowTies in an interactive manner. For viewing; select a theme and subsequently select a BowTie on the left side the webviewer. One to four example bowties have been developed for each patient safety theme.

Tips for navigating through the BowTies:
Use this icon to view the BowTies in full screen.
Use these icons to zoom in and out.

Please find more information about the BowTieXP software or webviewer on the website of CGE Risk Management Solutions or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.