This project was set up with the goal of introducing the bowtie risk assessment method into healthcare and to offer encouragement to healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, when performing a proactive risk assessment.


The motive behind this project is the conviction that bowtie is a powerful method to identify and manage risks to improve patient safety in healthcare organizations. Our mission is to encourage the use of BowTies for risk assessment in healthcare. We want to achieve this by providing 17 example BowTies that healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, can use at their discretion. This first set of examples includes BowTies based on 10 patient safety topics. These high risk healthcare topics have been chosen because of their relevance and familiarity to any healthcare professional.


We hope that in the future the website will be used as a platform for sharing healthcare BowTies (anonymously if the organization would prefer). In this way, healthcare organizations can learn from each other.


If you would you like to contribute to this project, please contact CGE Risk Management Solutions via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject 'Patient Safety BowTies’.