How is your organization managing patient safety?

The theme of this website is: inspiration.

This website aims to support healthcare organizations to make effective proactive risk assessments using the bowtie risk assessment method. At this moment, there are 17 BowTie examples regarding 10 patient safety topics. These BowTies can be used as a source of inspiration, which can be further adapted to the organization’s own local situation and circumstances. In this way, the BowTie becomes a representation of how your organization is managing healthcare risks. The example BowTies can provide you with a useful starting point. We hope that in the future the website will be used as a platform for sharing healthcare BowTies (anonymously if the organization would prefer). In this way, healthcare organizations can learn from each other.

You are invited to have a look at this website for more information about the bowtie risk assessment method in general, the project and of course the inspirational BowTies themselves.

We hope you feel inspired to create your own BowTies.



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